[SOVIET POSTERS OF THE CENTRAL ASIA & CAUCASUS REPUBLICS] Nine Soviet posters of the Soviet Republics from the Caucasus and the Central Asia printed in 1957-1972

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N. A. Tip. Imp. Volodarskogo Lenizdata, 1957-1972.
Original offset lithograph posters. 43 x 29 cm. In Russian and Tajik, Uzbek, Turkmen, et alli. Two examples are printed 2500 copies. Seven posters have no details about the print run, imprint details, or date. One is stamped on the blank verso, chippings on the extremities, one is repaired by transparent tape. Else, they’re in good condition.
All posters involved the usual motto of the Soviets, mostly in a bilingual text surrounding or around the state coat of arms and flags: “Workers of the world, unite!” or “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”. The lot includes the armorials of RSFSR (x3), RSS Tocikiston (Tajikistan SSR), Uzbek SSR, Kirghiz SSR, Latvian SSR, Belarusian SSR, and Georgian SSR.