[FINELY ILLUSTRATED DIDACTIC TURKISH FAIRY TALES] Keloglan Kaf Dagi yollarinda, Karga karga gak dedi, Adam oynatan ayi. Illustrated by Kayhan Keskinok, (1923-2015).

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Zenginer Basimevi, Ist., 1960.

Paperback. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Turkish. 27, [1] p., unnumbered b/w plates and one screen print color plate by Kayihan Keskinok. Feyzoglu wrote several books in different fields in Turkish literature like "Atatürkçe", "Sapaneli", "Ates ve Inanç", "Uçurtma", "Sultankiz", "Canerigi", "Utangaç Çiçek", "Atatürk Ilkeleri ve Inkilabimiz" is a teacher with a military background. Teachers' Day celebrated every November 24 in Turkey is his idea that he offered. This book contains three traditional Turkish tales. Tales were shortened by the author, and didactic elements in fairy tales were strengthened. This book was illustrated by Kayihan Keskinok, (1923-2015), who was a Turkish artist. He studied at Gazi Institute of Education, Department of Painting between 1942 and 1945. He later worked at Refik Epikman and Malik Aksel workshops. He worked as an assistant in Lausanne, to where he went on a scholarship granted by the Swiss Government, in the School of Arts between 1960 and 1961. He had more than sixty solo exhibitions and received nine awards, among which Ministry of Culture 50th Year Contest, Atatürk and Republic Award in 1973 and Ministry of Culture, Atatürk and his Reforms Painting Contest, First Prize in 1981 can be cited. The artist pursues his work through materialism that is based on poetic, creative, imaginary inspirations. Since 1983, he has been the director of his own workshop and works as an independent artist. All illustrations inside the book including screenprint one well were printed only in this book. The first fairy tale in this book is a "Keloglan [i.e. Bald boy]" tale which is a fictional character in Turkish culture and fairy tales. A well-known character in Turkish folklore, Keloglan -also known as Kelesoglan- has the problem of being bald from birth. He represents the Anatolian people who can have big dreams, who are virtuous, prudent, a little bald, a little romantic, and very sporty as well as very smart. Minor stains on front and back cover. A very good copy. Not in OCLC.; Turkish National Library 001599345.