[PANORAMA OF MEDINA / ARAB CITIES] Medîne: Umûmî görünüs [i.e., Medina: A panoramic view]

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[N.p.], [N.p.], [ca. 1940s].

Original lithograph panorama. 19x150 cm. Descriptive texts are in Turkish. Folded originally. Joint panorama with three parts of complete view Medina.

wide-angle black and white photo-lithographic panoramic view

Rare original wide-angle black and white photo-lithographic panorama printed in three panels (joint) from the 1940s, of a huge view of Medina in the Ottoman period, ca. 1890-1900s, showing the buildings and topography. According to the information on the descriptive text including legend, this panorama is registered in Istanbul University’s Library, No. 90747. 

On the print, numbered architectural buildings, mountains, squares, etc. like below:

No. 1: 1. Fatimat al-Zahrâ Fountain, 2. Prophet Ali Masjid, 3. Abu Bakr Masjid, 4. Amâmâ Masjid, 5. Ottoman barracks. No. 2: 6. Halidiyya Station from the Ottoman times, 7. Raisiyya minaret, 8. Kubbe-i Saâdet (Tomb of the Prophet), 9. Majidiya minaret. No. 3: 10. Mount Uhud, 11. Tophâne [i.e., Arsenal] Tower from the Ottoman times, 12. Munaha Square.

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