[MOST-MARRIED MAN FROM YEMEN] Original press photo with the stamp of Associated Press Ltd. of London, of soldier-poet to the court of Yemen, Al-Qadi al-Hahdrânî.

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ASSOCIATED PRESS LTD., Associated Press Ltd., London, [c. The 1950s].

Original press photograph. 15x20,5 cm. Description in English on a mounted paper on the verso.

A rare previously published press b/w photo in the Western press of the 1950s such as the newspapers "A Window on the World", and "The Atlanta Constitution, Georgia", etc., of 62-year-old soldier-poet El-Khadi El-Hahdrânî of Yemen, photographed by Associated Press Ltd in London.

The text on a mounted paper on the verso of the photograph: "Most-married man: This is 62-year-old El Khadi El Hahdrânî of Yemen, who has had a wife for each of his 62 years - and another 100 as well. He first married at the age of 15 and has left one wife in Japan, one in Bali, and others in Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland. At 5 pounds a time, plus a goat, a cow, or a gold trinket, they seldom lasted longer than a few months. Divorce in the land of the Koran is easy for the man, who simply tells his wife three times "I divorce thee", to put an end to the marriage. The Koran allows the man four wives at a time, and El Hahdrânî says that he has never exceeded that total. "Four at a time is quite enough", he added. Soldier, poet, and famed marksman, El Hahdrânî's unique claim to fame is borne out by other Yemen sources. Often employed as court poet by the King of Yemen, El Hahdrânî is paid with a handful of the gold coin - more than enough for another wife or two. At 62, he says he is still a 'strong man'. To his knowledge, he has six sons and five daughters."

We can trace this interesting photograph taken by British journalists of Associated Press Ltd in London, as cover on the "A Window on the World" newspaper in 1954, and as news in "The Atlanta Constitution, Georgia" in 1952.