[ARABIC LANGUAGE / PHILOLOGY] Gramatika Arapskog jezika. Za nize razrede medresa i srednjih skola. 2 volumes set. Vol. 1: Gramatika i vjezbenica sa rjecnikom. Vol. 2: Sintaksa i citanka sa rjecnikom

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SIKIRIC, SACIR (1893-1966), MUHAMED PASIC, MEHMED HANDZIC (1906-1944) (Prep. by)

Izdanje Vakufske Direkcije / Drzavna Stamparija u Sarajevu, Sarajevo, 1936-1937.

Original publisher’s green cloths. Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). Bilingual in Bosnian and Arabic. 2 volumes set: (289 p.; 216 p., 80 p. text in completely Arabic).

First edition of this uncommon set of comprehensive teaching Arabic language prepared by three famous Bosnian scholars for the lower grades of madrasas and secondary schools in the early Yugoslavian period.

The set includes comprehensive Arabic grammar in two volumes.

Mehmed Handzic was a Bosnian Islamic scholar, theologian, and politician. Handzic was the leader of the Islamic revivalist movement in Bosnia and the founder of the religious association El-Hidaje. He was one of the authors of the Resolution of Sarajevo Muslims and the chairman of the Committee of National Salvation.

As of January 2024, OCLC located single copy in a North American library (Harvard University Library) and other five copies worldwide, mostly in Southeast Europe: 83283137 (Harvard), 645623162 (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek), 439078597 (National Library Information System of Slovenia, Maribor Public Library, University of Maribor Library (UKM), Ljubljana City Library).