[ROBERTSON'S AMERICAN HISTORY IN OTTOMAN TURKISH] Amerika târih-i keshfi... [i.e. The History of the Discovery and Conquest of America]. Translated into Ottoman Turkish by Abdülgaffar Enisî.

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[WILLIAM] ROBERTSON, (1721-1793).

Al-Jawaib - El-Cevaib Matbaasi., Istanbul, [1297 AH] = 1880.

First and Only Edition of this Ottoman translation of Robertson's 'History'.

This work was printed in Istanbul at the press of 'Al-Jawaib', the famous Arabic language paper founded by Ahmed Faris [al-Shidyaq] where, besides books in Arabic (and Persian), many important works in Turkish were printed.

The translator Abdulgaffar Enis Efendi, had been, according to the title page, a secretary (kâtib) at the Translation Chamber (Terceme Odasi) and a corresponding member (âzâ-yi hariciyyeden) of the 'Encümen-i Dânis' "the Academie ottomane" founded in 1851. Enis Efendi's translation only contains the first two books of Robertson's work and ends with the death of Columbus (Kolomb, Kolombos). The introductory chapter gives an outline of the exploration of the world from the beginning and deals with a number of famous explorers (Marco Polo, Rubruck, etc.), and would have been of considerable interest to the 19th-century Ottoman reader.". (Source: Source: STRAUS, JOHANN: Nineteenth-century Ottoman Americana.; "Frontiers of the Ottoman Imagination: Studies in Honour of Rhoads Murphey.").

Modern full leather bdg. in Ottoman style. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script. 216 p. Hegira: 1297 = Gregorian: 1880. Only one copy in OCLC: 25346190.; Özege 734.; Karatay p. 683. Chippings and restoration tape on the last page. Overall a good copy.


[ROBERTSON'S AMERICAN HISTORY IN OTTOMAN LITERATURE] Amerika târih-i keshfi. Ingiliz mesâhir müverrihininden Robertson nam zatin müellefâtinden olup Amerika kit'asinin tarih-i kesfine dairdir. [= The history of the discovery and conquest of America]. Translated into Ottoman Turkish by Abdülgaffar Enisî.