[OTTOMAN SATYRIC MAGAZINE OF THE SECOND REVOLUTION PERIOD] Kalem. Journal humoristique paraissant le jeudi.= Kalem. Persembe günleri nesrolunur, edebî mizah gazetesi. No.: 1-130

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Directed by SALÂH CIMCÖZ, (1875-1947); CELÂL ESAD [ARSEVEN, (1876-1971)]., Tanin Matbaasi, Istanbul, 1908.

Handsome fine contemporary brown half-leather bindings. Six raised bands to spine, title, and issue numbers gilt lettered, floral decorations in compartments. 4to. (30 x 24 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters) and French. All pages with illustrations in text or full-page illustrations, all numbers with an Islamic numbering system, reversed collation, with two title pages: Ottoman recto and in French verso, numbers 35, 41, 44, 45 with title pages in color.

Rare poster is coming with the set inside the volumes as a supplement to the magazine.

Extremely rare togetherness of the complete set of 130 issues of the Ottoman Turkish-French satirical magazine "Kalem", richly illustrated with thousands of attractive illustrations and cartoons, started its publication life with the end of Sultan Abdulhamid II's repression regime in 1908. The collection provides an invaluable resource, reflecting the changes in society after the Second Constitutional Revolution in New Ottoman State. The magazine was published weekly in 130 numbers between 21 August 1324 (3 September 1908) and 16 June 1327 (29 June 1911), starting immediately after the Second Ottoman Constitutional Revolution. The magazine was a mixture of satire and a saloon magazine, focusing on politics, social life, and revolution. The only continuously running part of the magazine was Haftalik Dedikodu (Weekly Gossip). The founders of the magazine were Salah (Selah) Cimcoz (1875-1947), a Turkish politician, lawyer, and owner of Kalem Newspaper, and Celal Esat Arseven (1876-1971) a Turkish painter, writer, and parliamentarian. He was the first to introduce the history of art and urbanistic architecture to Turkey.

Duman 1080.; Only one complete copies survive in institutions worldwide in OCLC 472569754 (Bibliothèque nationale de France, BnF). (Source: References: Tobias Heinzelmann, Die Balkankrise in der osmanischen Karikatur).