[OTTOMAN SERBIA / BOSNIA - TRAVNIK CITY - OTTOMAN RULE IN BOSNIA - RARE DOCUMENTS] Bilingual huge document in Serbian and Ottoman Turkish about farm land in Travnik city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1818.

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Original early manuscript Ottoman huge bilingual document of the last period of Imperial Ottoman, prepared for a Serbian noble, in Serbian and Ottoman Turkish about farmland in Travnik city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 55x39 cm. Bilingual in Serbian and Ottoman Turkish. 1 p., with some annotated notes on margins. On special paper with 'ahar' in early Ottoman / Turkish style with one of the rarest Ottoman watermarks. A printed vertical line of the document divides into two parts of the document is for early bilingual ones of especially the Imperial periods of Turks. The document includes the earliest printed form of moon and star. Split on middle, restored. A very good paper. Rare.