[MAP OF EAST & SOUTHEAST ANATOLIA AND CAUCASIA BORDERS] Erzurum, Van, Bitlis vilâyetleri ile bunlara civar olan Trabzon, Sivas, Harput ve Diyarbekir vilâyetlerinin bâzi kisâmi.

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[ca. 1909]

Extremely rare huge chromo-lithograph map in 24 sheets mounted on canvas, showing a large zone including Midyat (Mardin), Mosul, Mt. Cilo (Resko-Buzul) on the southeast; Kahta (Adiyaman), Munzur Mt., Divrigi (Sivas) on the west; the Black Sea on north and Turkish borders to Armenia, Azerbaijan on the east, and to Russia on the northeast. In addition shows in separate little portions, roads, mountains and hills, lakes, and telegraph and post ways and borders in that zone. Not in any libraries and any collection. An attractive map with its huge size and decorative surface. Several toponyms are underlined in red ink. Otherwise a very good example.

Original folded map mounted on canvas. 118x112 cm. In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). Scale: 1/630.000.