[MAP / ARABIAN PENINSULA] Arabia with index 3/6 net. Arabia. The Red Sea and the valley of the Nile, Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia. English miles, 6915 to a degree / kilometres 1113 to a degree

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GEORGE PHILIP, (1800-1882), Philips' Travelling Maps, London, [N.d.].

Chromo-lithographed map folded in original red cloth. 19 x 10 cm & 66 x 54 cm. In English.

Rare and early edition of this detailed chromo-lithographed map on cloth, of the Arabian Peninsula containing Yemen and Asir; British Somaliland, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Persian Gulf, and the shores of West Africa, including a legend of "Explanation of Arabic terms". published by George Philip & Son Ltd.

George Philip and Son, a British publishing house, one of the oldest in the United Kingdom, is located in London. The company, specializing in maps and atlases, was founded in 1834. Some of its well-known publications are the Philip International Atlas and A Philip Management Planning Atlas. Its chief publications in the late 20th century were atlases, maps, textbooks, and books on meteorology, religion, history, and geography. (Britannica).