[FIRST SINGER BROCHURE FOR THE OTTOMAN MARKET] New York'daki Singer Kumpanyasinin V. S. Vaybireting Shatil tesmiye... [i.e. Instructions for using the Singer of New York titled V. S. for the Ottoman market].

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C. Naydlingen / Singer - Matbaa-yi A. Zellich Mahdumlari [i.e. A. Zellich and Sons Printing House]., Istanbul, 1882.

First and Only Edition of this extremely rare first user guide for the Ottoman market for a sewing machine manufactured by the Singer Company.

This richly illustrated user guide in Ottoman Turkish, printed for "28 K" model (manufactured in 1882) of Singer sewing machines includes numerous diagrams showing the parts of the machine and threading the needle, sewing techniques, using the belt wheel and foot pedal, measuring techniques, the thickness of needles and threads, and how to detect and avoid counterfeits of the brand.

In Ottoman Empire, Singer sewing machines were initially started to be offered for sale in Constantinople and Smyrna (today's Istanbul and Izmir) in the 1880s, soon after Isaac Merritt Singer & Company was incorporated with Edward B. Clark, Attorney-at-law from New York in 1851. The company opened its first dealer/dealership in the last period of the Imperial Ottoman at Cadde-i Kebîr [i.e. Istiklâl Street] in Pera, and became the first foreign company to open a dealer/dealership and issue an invoice in Turkey. As the first company to use the "direct marketing" method, Singer went to mountain villages in Turkey, together with its salespersons, instructors, and technicians, who were in charge of showing and informing people on how to use Singer sewing machines, for many years. Singer was the first company to prepare user's guides, to provide extensive service, to initiate the practice of "Guarantee Coupon", to deliver training on sewing - embroidery, and to introduce gas stoves and ovens to Turkish people. In addition, Schneidertempel (Tailors Synagogue), which was founded in 1894 by Mayer Schönman, who was the tailor of Sultan Abdulhamid II in the Ottoman palace, and the head of the tailor's guild at that time, broke the monopoly of male tailors in the Ottoman Empire and led the way for every woman to do sewing at home. At the beginning of the 20th century, free sewing courses for women started to be organized by Singer in Turkey. Furthermore, Singer played a role in the history of all leading garment-industry brands of Turkey. (Source: Official Singer Website - History).


Antonio Zelic (Zellich) of Brela was one of many Dalmatians who left his homeland in pursuit of a better life during the 19th century. However, instead of going west, he set out toward the East, to the Ottoman imperial capital - Istanbul. Upon arrival in the city on the Bosphorus, Zelic found employment at the first lithographic print house founded by Henri Cayol in the Ottoman Empire. In 1869, Zelic opened his own lithographic print house called "Zellich and Sons" (A. Zellich et fils). His descendants continued his work with great success, and the Zellich Print House, now known as "Zellich Brothers" (Zellich frères), became one of the most renowned in the Empire. The Zellich Brothers won recognition due to the high quality of their products, and, above all, the amazing beauty of their postcards and posters. Their crowning achievement was an order for the printing of the Ottoman Turkish Lira banknotes in 1914. The Zellichs received many Ottoman and international awards, including medals conferred by the Pope, the Persian shah, and the Serbian king.". (Source: Documentary film "Zelic- Printers to the Empire", Levantineheritage).

Original illustrated wrappers. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 16 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters, pre-1928). 24 p., [24] unnumbered b/w engraved ills. Heavily stains on top of the pages, a trace of folding. Overall a good copy.

Özege 15450.; Only one institutional copy in the Library of Congress according to the WorldCat: OCLC 125421484.


[FIRST SINGER BROCHURE PRINTED FOR THE OTTOMAN MARKET] New York'daki Singer Kumpanyasinin V. S. Vaybireting Shatil tesmiye olunan hakikî Singer dikis makinelerinin sûret-i istimâlini hâvi talimâtnâme. [i.e. Instructions for using the Singer of New York titled V. S. for the Ottoman market].